Sunday, April 30, 2006

Unintentional BBQ...

When the sun peeped through my window this morning and my son called for my bride and his ritualistic sip of juice; I had no idea that today my first Blog would be born. Unfortunately, I do not have time, at present, to share my great philosophical views of life, love and food with you now. I do feel that it would be unfair the leave these pages blank for the one person that may venture upon my ramblings today. My future babble will be about gourmet BBQ & fiery foods and in the spirit of truth, justice and the American way I will leave you (my one reader) with a brief look into my culinary world.

I am not a chef, I have never worked as a cook, and I have never taken a formal cooking class. I learned to cook by watching my grandmother and eating her food. I furthered my learning by making mistakes and eating lots of bad food. Many a night the fire alarm went off in my apartment and the garbage disposal had a very expensive meal. Every time I turn on the stove, light the grill or fire up the smoker, I find new mistakes to make. Through all of this my family and friends have had many great times and we have eaten our share of great food. Most importantly, in the many meals that I have made and shared, I have discovered the one and only truth in cooking...simple is always better.

Until Next Time-- The Ugly Gourmet