Monday, September 25, 2006

I’m back. Sorry for my absence, but school got very busy all of a sudden. I have a little break before my fall classes get busy and hopefully some time to write again. It’s amazing how much I missed the blog. I am going to attempt to manage my time better this semester, but I’m not making any promises.

Anyway, I thought I would start back slow and answer a few emails that have come my way over the past few months. First and most importantly I received a great letter from Lee Ann at Wicked Good Charcoal. They are having an exceptionally difficult time finding the right woods to make a product worthy of being called Competition Blend. However, WGC is constantly improving their Weekend Warrior Blend and I must admit that it is presently the only lump I burn these days. Even better after months of searching I was able to dig up an old bag of competition blend (and that’s a great story for another day). I also need people to know (at least those of you who are skeptical and you know who you are) that that this post and any other posts regarding WGC or any charcoal products reviewed on this site are completing and entirely unsolicited. I write this blog because no one in my immediate family wants to hear me talk about BBQ anymore. This brings me to the second reason for today’s BBQ babble and the reason I created Eat Ugly.

Eat Ugly is the companion blog of The Ugly Pug Trading Company; a web store specializing in gourmet BBQ and fiery foods. Born on January 1, 2005, its more common name, is my attempt to pay for my addiction to BBQ. I originally planned to manufacture and sell my own recipes. However, I soon discovered the expense of properly running such a business part time is too great. So I began researching some of my favorite BBQ sauces, hot sauces and salsas and the rest is still becoming history. Although from time to time I will promote new products, Eat Ugly has become more about my search for new foods, recipes and experiences. I am sorry to those of you who felt deceived, but I have always had links to my store and products on the blog. is a work in progress as I only sell foods that my family and I eat and enjoy, with a few exceptions when it comes to hot sauces. Anyway, if you haven’t paid a visit to the pug, check it out; you’ll find some great recipes and products.

Thanks for reading and remember…Eat Hot, Eat Healthy and Always EAT UGLY!